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What is AstroZoom?

An online public webinar series in introductory astronomy.

What is a Webinar?

A virtual (online) meeting at which only the presenter broadcasts his video and voice and those of attendees are muted but they can communicate with the presenter via text (chat).

How to attend?

First install/update the zoom client on your desktop or mobile by going to the 'Install' tab. Second, note the next session by going to the 'Attend' tab. Third, a few minutes before the session visit the 'Attend' tab again, the link to join will appear.

When are the sessions scheduled?

Date and time of the sessions will be announced at the 'Attend' tab. Usually there will be a session every two or three days. If you want to be notified, use the 'Contact' tab.

How long is each session?

About an hour.

Do I need to stay the whole time?

The presenter is not able to see you.